Wedding Photography Checklist from Image Theory Photoworks


Wedding Photography Checklist

Image Theory Photoworks has put together a  free Wedding Photography Checklist with nearly 90 most-requested wedding photographs.

What it Contains

  1. Ideas for still life shots — bouquets, invitations, and more.
  2. A list of special moments as the bride gets ready.
  3. What to capture during the ceremony.  More than just the entrances, the vows and the kiss.
  4.  A long list of group photos.
  5. All the reception activities — cake cutting, bouquet toss, first dance, the getaway, and more.

Why You Need It

You’re going to be planning a million things during your wedding.  And you will be tempted to hire a photographer and just let him or her make all the photography choices.  But that’s probably a mistake.  Your wedding is a unique event.  It’s going to reflect your personality, your beliefs, and your relationship.  You want to make sure you capture what is most important to you.  And you may even want to avoid some standard photos. This list will remind you of photos you might forget.  It may remind you ideas that aren’t on the list.  You can pass it around to family for their ideas.

And because it’s free, its the best wedding bargain you’re going to get!

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