Headshots & Fine Art Portraits

fine art portrait by image theory photoworks

A portrait — even a headshot for your business profile — isn’t just a picture of your face.  A good portrait captures some element of your character that your friends and family recognize and love.

Business portraits — including modeling and acting headshots– need to imply the traits that make you a desirable business partner or hire.  You don’t get much character from a $100 walk-in session at a studio that has its permanent headshot corner set up and waiting for you.  That only comes in a custom session. One that is tailored to your looks and your reasons for getting a portrait in the first place.

If you need a headshot that inspires confidence . . . if you want a fine art portrait that gets that, “Wow, you look beautiful!” response, please give us a call.  We’d love to create one with you.

One more thing. The photos on this page are just examples. If you have a style in mind that you don’t see here, we can probably do it for you. So give us a call. Or leave us your contact info here and we’ll get right back to you. Consultation is free.


executive portrait by gerard harrison
headshot of female divorce lawyer
business or social media headshot for a professional woman
acting modeling headshot for female actress
informal actors' or business person's headshot
Male business executive business portrait.
female modeling headshot on gray
artist headshot image theory
actor headshot by gerard harrison
Modeling Headshot by Image Theory Photoworks
female business owner headshot
selective color outdoor portrait of artist by Gerard Harrison
portrait of a young african american boxer
headshot business portrait femal
modeling headshot of brenna smith by image theory photo