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Image Theory Model Brenna Smith

Image Theory model Brenna Smith by Gerard Harrison Image Theory Photoworks

Brenna – Worth the Wait

Brenna and I probably corresponded over Instagram for 4 or 5 months before we met, starting in mid-summer of last year.  I suspected from her Instagram photos that she’d be an interesting subject, but you can’t really tell till you get together. We had a hard time making that happen.  Initially, Brenna wanted to wait till she recovered from elbow surgery.  She had suffered a nasty fall while cheerleading for the University of Houston.  About the time she started feeling better, Hurricane Harvey hit.  And then it was the start of a new school year.  It wasn’t until Halloween night that we actually met.  You might think that  a scary portent, but all it augured was good.

That first shoot was pretty laid back.  Brenna brought her Halloween costume, a sexy cavewoman outfit. She also brought and Astros t-shirt and cap. We thought it might be good to post something to cheer the Astros as they finished off the Dodgers in the World Series.  That short session was a blast.  It  was pretty clear when it was over that we’d do more serious work, soon.  We have, and I couldn’t be happier.

Brenna is tireless, creative, and a bottomless well of optimism.  From that first shoot, there was no mistaking either her talent or the camera’s affinity for her face.  Over the next few months, we shot a range of studio and outdoor subjects, all with memorable and beautiful results. You can see a lot of her work in her gallery.  I’m attaching a short selection, below. If you’re a designer who want’s a model that will make your potential customers stop and look, you should be considering Brenna.  And if you’re a photographer with the skill and patience it takes (before and after the shot) to create solid work, then you should be considering Brenna. Even then, you will struggle to give back as much as she brings. 

You can find Brenna’s professional contact information on her gallery page.

Houston Model Brenna Smith in Astros gear.
Go Astros!
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