Jonah Manzi — On His Way

Jonah Manzi - A Young Model on His Way

male model Jonah Manzi by Gerard Harrison
Jonah on an abandoned train engine.

Jonah Manzi is a young model on the move.  His epiphany occurred in a restaurant, a year or so ago, when the people at an adjoining table took it on themselves to tell him he should be a model.  It was the first he even considered it. But an unsolicited endorsement like that is worth exploring, so he did. With the enthusiastic guidance of his grandmother, Connie Manzi, plus the sponsorship of Revalushion Talent, Jonah has been featured in several magazines and walked runways during New York Fashion Week.

Johan Manzi by Gerard Harrison in a James Dean pose.
In my favorite shot of the session, Jonah strikes a thoughtful pose -- sensitive, maybe, but not weak. James Dean, perhaps?

This past April, Jonah and Connie spent an afternoon session at Image Theory Photoworks. We shot in studio with a combination of artificial and studio lighting. Then we moved outdoors to one of my favorite industrial settings. Our goal was to present Jonah in a series of natural, relaxed, and decidedly masculine looks. Executing a fashion pose without looking feminine is a challenge for male models. Most of the posing guidance is for women. I looked at film clips from the 1040s and 1950s for ideas – Cary Grant, Garry Cooper, etc.  We didn’t have the wardrobe to carry off period looks, but a combination of relaxed poses and minimalist sets, gave us some good results.  A  Houston-based magazine, Stella Magazine, published a few of the pics you see here.

Good luck, Jonah.  You appear to be moving in the right direction.


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