Studio shot of model on colorful innertube undr brilliant sun.

Models Who Get Remembered Are Models Who Get Hired

Savannah O'Hara cinematic fashion editorial

No one does modeling portfolios like Image Theory Photoworks. 

You aren’t routine.  And there’s certainly nothing routine about subjecting your face and figure to public review. Your portfolio session shouldn’t be routine, either. That’s why we don’t set aside a day or a few days to herd the “developmental” models of an agency through a 2-hour “one-size-fits-all” shoot.  And we don’t hand you 5 or 6 shots that look pretty much like every other model’s.  We know (and you should know) that the models who get remembered are the models who get hired. Your full-day session with Image Theory Photoworks will be about you, the individual, the unique model. And about creating images that set you apart.

We do model portfolio shoots 3 ways.

  1.  A 2-hour shoot that supplies headshots and a few 3/4 and full-length shots.
  2.  A half-day shoot that includes headshots, and indoor and lots of outdoor fashion shots of different types
  3. The Rolls Royce of portfolio shoots — A full day dedicated to you.

The Standard Portfolio Shoot

This is is a solid choice if you’re just building your portfolio or need to redo it altogether because you don’t like the old one or it’s just not fresh, anymore.  It starts a week or so ahead of your shoot with consultation about what you want and what kind of modeling you want to do and are well-suited for.  We discuss wardrobe, colors, hair styles, shoes, and makeup. When the shoot day comes, we both know the plan, and are prepared.

Shoot day usually goes like this.  You come in early to decide what order we want to shoot your outfits.  If you purchased makeup and hair styling, that’s when you get preliminary makeup and styling.  That usually takes about an hour.  The first photo session is usually in the studio.  We might do a few headshots to loosen things up, then we’ll try some more interesting things.  At noon or so, we’ll take a short lunch break and discuss the afternoon’s plan.

If we have to watch changing weather, we may choose to shoot outdoors first. But either way, we’ll try to spend half the day outside and half inside.  That way you get the high fashion studio looks along with more casual “editorial” outdoor looks.

Some of the session will be exploring and experimenting to find out what you’re good at and how we can make you stretch a bit.  If you’re experienced, or one of those lucky “naturals,” you may hit your groove really fast and pull us along with you.  But however it goes, we’ll start with a plan, and we’ll improvise and let it grow.  And we’ll do things neither of us planned as we learn about each other.

Savannah O'Hara posing at Image Theory Photoworks

When we’re done, we’ll have shot 300 to 400 frames, and out of that, we’ll like about 50 or 60 and LOVE about 20.  And that’s what you’ll wind up with.  Unless I LOVE something you didn’t. Then I usually edit that one anyway, and you get a bonus.  And sometimes one of the photos will nag at me to do something special with it, and weeks or months later, I finally will.  That’s when an image like the one at the top of this page happens, and you get a nice surprise.

The Standard Portfolio Shoot Includes

  • Eight hours of photography
  • Pre-shoot consultation and planning
  • Twenty professional images, in a variety of styles and looks, from dramatic high fashion to casual editorial looks.

Price: $995

The Supermodel Portfolio Session

For models with serious ambitions, we offer a full-day shoot that includes a number of other valuable benefits and services.  The Supermodel Portfolio Shoot includes every benefit of the Standard Shoot plus the following :

  •  Makeup and hair styling by a top artist (value $200; $300 if the artist stays for touchups )
  • Two free 2-hour portfolio updates anytime in the next 12 months (value $600)
  • A public, searchable gallery in Image Theory Models at no additional cost  (value $100 to $250 per year)
  • A blog post introducing you.

Cost $1495 (value between $1,895 and $ 2,145)

The Half-Day Portfolio Shoot

This is like the Standard Portfolio Shoot, but we won’t have as much time for different looks and to explore your capabilities. Usually, we split the day into 2 hours in the studio and 2 hours outside. It’s up to you, though. If you want to spend the whole day either in studio or outside, we’ll do that. This session is best for established models who want a solid portfolio refresher, but don’t need to rebuild it entirely. You’ll choose your 10 favorite images, and I’ll give them a professional finish. If you order makeup, we add time to your shoot to allow for it.

Cost: $595

Two-Hour Modeling Headshot Session 

This session allows less variety in shots and poses than the half- and full-day sessions, but it is still more than headshots. If you want headshots, we do them, but then we also do as many 3/4 and full-length looks as time allows. We also try to spend part of the shoot outdoors to capture some casual, editorial looks. You’ll choose your favorite 5 images for final editing.

Cost: $295

If you have questions, or want to discuss your session, please call us at  (713) 254-3750.