Product Photography at Image Theory Photoworks

Turning Lead into Gold

Most products are ordinary.  There’s just not much sexy about them, right?    I  mean, what can you do with a plain, white cup of tea?  On the other hand, a crisp, sparkling rosé in an elegant flute ought to be a layup.  Except it’s  not.  It takes skill, imagination, and patience to fill that wineglass with light, and a touch of inspiration to let the light spill across the lips of a beautiful woman.  It’s no layup.  The cup of tea, on the other hand, is as sexy and interesting as a photographer has the imagination and skill to make it. Imagination, skill, and the refusal to quit shy of excellence is what you want if you rely on great photography to turn you’re “ordinary” inventory into gold.

There are more examples of our commercial work here.

Call us. We’d love to show you how we make the mundane into the magical. And you won’t need to to spend all your hard-earned gold to afford us, either.


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