Image Theory Photoworks Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to all paid services between you (“Client”) and Gerard Harrison, d/b/a Image Theory Photoworks (“Photographer”).

  1. Retainer Fee. At the time of reserving any session Client will be required to pay a NON-REFUNDABLE Retainer Fee. The amount of the Retainer Fee varies with the cost of the service the Client selects and will be disclosed at the time of booking.  The Retainer Fee is charged to offset expenses and business losses in the event of a cancellation or no-show by Client.
  2. Rescheduling Services. At the discretion of Photographer, Client may be permitted to reschedule services at no additional charge, provided the request is made with notice sufficient for photographer to rebook the original date and time.
  3. Copyrights. Photographer shall own the copyrights to all photographs made in connection with this engagement.  Client is licensed to use copies of the photographs for non-commercial use, unless a separate agreement assigning other rights to Client is agreed upon between Client and Photographer.
  4. Use by Photographer. Client agrees that Photographer shall have the right to use all photographs made of Client by Photographer under this agreement for all lawful purposes, including commercial purposes.  Client shall have no right to compensation or royalties for such use.
  5. Best Efforts. Photographer agrees to use his best efforts to produce work satisfactory to Client. However, because of the artistic and discretionary nature of photographic work, and because the quality of such work depends in large part on the quality of the Client’s participation, Photographer does not warrant or guarantee the Client’s satisfaction. Client is urged to review Photographer’s online portfolio and confirm that the images represented there are of a type and quality with which Client will be satisfied.
  6. Complete Agreement. These Terms and Conditions, together with the Booking Policy, and the description of the service selected by Client of the Photographer’s booking page, form the complete agreement between Client and Photographer.